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"I have had the pleasure of working with Margaret.  She assisted me personally in raising funds for my company. Although it was a long-distance work relationship, it was vey personal and pleasant. Margaret is exceptionally effective, prompt, and professional. Her communications skills are perfect, and she opened doors more often than anyone I have worked with. She is not afraid of making changes or point out things that can be approved - a rare skill at C-level work relations.

When I have another chance, I will engage Margaret - or even better, hire her. I recommend Margaret to any company, large or small, that needs top level assistance."

Torben Riise
HumaGene, Inc.
"I had the pleasure of working with Margaret at PharmAthene where I came to respect her passion, creativity, and seemingly endless ability to figure out a way to solve every problem. When I learned she had started her own business, I immediately hired her to help me create a timekeeping and invoicing system that has streamlined my monthly invoice process and saved me so much time! I then recommended her to another company, where she built a database to house literature and news articles. Once again, she did an amazing job! I would not hesitate to utilize Margaret again. She is very talented and a pleasure to work with."

Valerie Riddle, MD, FACP
Physician Executive
BioPharm Advisors LLC
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Virtual project management support and process improvement services.
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