Spreadsheet Designs
Designs Excel spreadsheets and workbooks.  Implements efficiency with macros, pivot tables, and customized formulas.  Creates spreadsheet tools that improve processes and correspond with the client's internal procedures.

Project Management Support
Provides temporary or part time cross-functional team leadership and support services to assist in the management of projects and programs.  Manages subcontractor activities, budgets, and meetings.  Serves as liaison between client, project team, and stakeholders. Develops project schedules (Gantts/bar charts) and maintains status updates with corresponding status reports.  Organizes and manages effective meetings with corresponding minutes.  Tracks performance against objectives, and accurately manages all financial aspects of projects (preparation of budgets, forecasts, accrual reports, cost tracking, vendor invoice review and approval, and change orders).
Word Document Design & Processing
Develops Microsoft Word documents (report templates, letterhead templates, and forms for electronic data entry).  Creates data tables, graphics and organizational charts with corresponding captions.  Configures cross references to tables, graphics and document sections and implements a corresponding table of contents, table of figures, and listing of tables.  Performs proofreading and consistency checks.  Converts documents and appendices to Adobe and consolidates into one Adobe document with electronic table of contents and hyper-linked cross-references.

PSS is available for part time or temporary assignments.  Projects are charged by a one hour minimum and 15 minute increments thereafter.
PowerPoint Presentations
Creates templates including headers and footers, slide layout and numbering, data tables, graphics, organizational charts, and animation.  Performs consistency checks and proofreads.  Converts Word or Excel documents into PowerPoint slides. 

Access Database Designs
Designs and implements Microsoft Access databases for any type of data or document storage and retrieval.  Creates corresponding forms and reports per client requirements.  Performs data entry.

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Proposal & Grant Support Services
Prepares and distributes statements of work and requests for proposals.  Develops subcontractor competitive evaluation criteria and forms.  Prepares basis of estimates.  Creates proposal templates to meet government/client specifications.  Manages the development of the proposal and incorporates text/data as it becomes available while maintaining the electronic structure and format of the proposal.
    PSS understands that effective compliance programs take both good tools, which PSS provides, and understanding of the laws and programs developed to implement those laws. We are proud to team with DRiceLaw, PLLC, a law firm that provides legal and contract compliance services.
Process Improvement
Creates written procedures and develops corresponding effective tools to improve internal processes.