This is another great tool for small businesses just starting out.  After entering the start date of the reporting period, the remaining days and dates will automatically populate and the weekend columns will turn grey as shown in the picture above.  With the weekend columns showing in grey, it provides a great visual for more accurate time keeping. 

This timesheet can be for any time period needed, i.e., one week, two weeks, or the entire month by highlighting the period you don't need and clicking the "Hide Column" button. 

Your employees only need to place an "X" next to their appropriate time codes and click the "Hide Rows" button to show only the codes they need.  By eliminating or hiding time codes they don't need, time keeping becomes even more accurate. 

The spreadsheet in the picture above is only showing 15 of the 31 days available for a reporting period and is showing only eight of the 75 rows available for time codes.  There is a certification included with generic language that can be changed to your needs.

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